• Patrick Norris

89. Patrick Norris – Activation, Surrender, and Transformation

Welcome to Episode #89 of the Red Ink Revival Leadership Podcast. Today’s episode is a message by Patrick from a series called Activation.

Jesus and the first century leaders spoke often of the transformational power of Activation. What does that mean? When a person simply takes wholistic action upon God’s Word and promises with trust, emotion, and expectancy, a supernatural reaction takes place that leaves the person changed. For many Christians there is a wait and see relationship with God’s promises. But when we choose, rearrange our lives, surrender our hearts and souls, and act upon God’s Word, it will take us from a dead, theoretic religion into a vibrant, energized relationship. The Activation series will help you grasp the vast differences between just reading the Bible as an academic book versus implementing the nuances as a world-changing child of God.

This episode takes us into the foll

  • The Bible was never intended to be an empty caricature of God.

  • The Word of God is filled with God’s nature, substance, wisdom, and power.

  • The Word of God is to change every sphere of life.

  • God intends that His Word will bring radical transformation in a human life.

  • God never speaks of humans becoming flawless but rather maturing in transformation.

  • Surrender refers to activations of faith in God’s Word.

  • Emotional regulation and satisfaction towards happiness has to do with the state of your heart.

  • Pride is lacking tenderness in surrender to God’s thoughts, ways, and standards.

  • When obedience costs you something it is experienced by God as worship.

  • The stages of surrender: watching, considering, repenting, reorganizing.

  • If you don’t like your life, check your surrender.

  • Patrick’s story of a lifetime of surrender experiences.

  • Inner newness of life doesn’t happen in memorizing a new Scripture; it happens in surrenders given in each stage of life.

  • Great faith to speak to mountains requires a growth-pattern of great surrender even in the smallest areas of life.

  • Identifying the fears that prevent you from surrendering to all of God’s ways.

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