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Driven people ought to know what they are driven by!

· What are YOU driven by?

· What is your FAMILY, MARRIAGE and PARENTING driven by?

· What are your TEAMMATES driven by?

· What is your ORGANIZATION driven by?

You are devoted to making serious investments at work, ministry, and life – expecting to see serious results. You are willing to surrender all, leave all, and joyfully follow Christ anywhere He leads. However, you expect to live life to its healthiest and fullest.

· You want a great family

· You want meaningful friendships

· You want your financial life to mirror a “seek first God’s Kingdom” experience

· You want your emotional life to energize you with love, laughter, and peace

· You want a vibrant spiritual life, free from shame and condemnation

· You want to love yourself with the love Christ extends; unwavering and satisfied

· You want to leave a legacy of faith and a model of strength

You are a winner and want to make a difference.

BUT, something winds you up, or shuts you down!

Maybe you feel stuck in old patterns of thinking. Maybe you struggle with…

· Control

· Emotional Regulation

· Anxiety

· Rage

· Depression

· Codependency

· Enmeshment

· Risk Aversion

· Fantasy Visions

Maybe you should ask yourself these questions:

· Why are interpersonal conflicts so emotionally difficult?

· Why are you anxious, depressed and angry so often?

· Why do you react to problem solving and confrontation the way you do?

· Why are you depressed when your ministry/marketplace dreams are slow to prosper?

· Why does “the dream” sometimes become your measurement of success?

· Why do you feel lost or abandoned when people choose to transition from your leadership?

· Why do you find yourself isolated and feeling unworthy, cringing at ruminations?

· Why does your marriage/parenting struggle while doing great kingdom-calling work?

· Why do you bend towards destructive, addictive behaviors with food, gambling, chemical dependence, porn or other powerful temptations?