The Red Ink Recovery Intensives is for men who personally struggle with pornography or some other form of sex or love addiction.

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When your registration and payment are submitted, you’ll receive a payment confirmation email. Within one business day, you’ll get a separate email from the Red Ink Recovery Intensives team with further information and instructions about the workshop paperwork.


Contact Information

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Additional Information

Will this be your first experience being part of a therapeutic group?:
Do you anticipate having difficulty sharing as part of a small group?:
Are you currently in counseling?:
Do you give Red Ink Recovery permission to contact your counselor?:
How did you hear about Red Ink Recovery Intensives?:

Screening Questions

Your answers to any of the following questions don’t automatically disqualify you from attending a workshop. If you mark "yes" to any question(s), Red Ink Recovery will contact you to be sure our workshop is the best fit. If we determine it isn’t, we’ll refund your deposit. If you have any "yes" answers, please wait to make travel arrangements until you speak with our Clinical Specialist.

Please let us know if you've been diagnosed with or experienced any of the following:

Dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality)?
Psychotic episode (seeing or hearing things that aren't real)?
Bipolar disorder (manic depression)?
Currently on or have been on medication for bipolar disorder?
Is this medication effective?
Borderline personality disorder?
Experienced strong suicidal thoughts?
Attempted suicide?
Been hospitalized for mental or emotional health?
Been accused or arrested for a contact offense (sexual abuse) of a minor or for possession of child pornography?
Fear that you could be accused or arrested because of your sexual behavior (other than for soliciting prostitution)?
Are involved in the legal system because of your sexual behavior?

Timeout from Daily Life 

By typing my initials, I agree to limit engagement with any outside work responsibilities, with a Red Ink Recovery preferred goal of complete outside work abstinence, for the duration of the workshop. I also understand and agree to limit engagement with family, friends, or anyone in the outside world, with a Red Ink Recovery preferred goal of complete communication abstinence. I agree to turn in off my cell phone, laptop, tablet, and any other devices that can access the Internet for the duration of the workshop, with the only exception of use for the Red Ink Recovery Intensive itself. I understand and agree to abstain from use of all electronic devices, including TV at the hotel. If I feel I can’t maintain these boundaries and take a timeout from daily life, I will postpone my attendance at a Red Ink Recovery Intensive until I’m able to do so:

By typing initials, I understand and agree that I am responsible for my own travel, lodging and meals for the duration of the Red Ink Recovery Intensive, and that these expenses are NOT included in my Registration Fees.

Email Communication

Red Ink Recovery communicates with participants extensively by email, including all the intensive paperwork for you to complete and numerous updates and details about your intensive. Please read and accept the following information about email communication by typing your initials in each indicated place.

By typing my initials, I confirm I have read and understand these potential risks and authorize Red Ink Recovery to communicate with me via the email address I have provided on this registration. (I understand I may inform Red Ink Recovery of my preference for a different email address at any time.)

Payment Options

$2000 is the required payment to attend a 3-day Red Ink Recovery Intensive.

By typing my initials, I understand and agree that due to the budget commitments Red Ink Recovery will make on my behalf, I will forfeit all refunds in the event I cancel or postpone my attendance.


I understand and agree that my non-refundable registration fees cannot be counted as a donation for tax purposes.


I understand and agree that my registration fee may be transferred to one of the next two schedule workshops (depending on spot open availability).


If Red Ink Recovery determines that in their professional opinion that I am not an appropriate candidate for the workshop setting, my registration fee will be refunded in full.

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