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If you've found your way to this corner of the web, chances are you're a church attender, pastor, church leader, a business owner, or someone deeply invested in a Biblical worldview of mental health and human flourishing.

From transformative online events to personalized coaching and courses to in-person events, we're here to equip you with the tools and insights needed to transform your mind, emotions, relationships, leadership, and overall spiritual vibrancy.

I draw from my over 35+ years of pastoral experience and specialized training/certification in the mental health field. I also pull from my own experiences of overcoming ruminating, tormenting, and obsessive anxieties.

Unlock the doors to your own revival. Dive into our FREE resources, engage with our transformative trainings, and take actionable steps towards building a stronger and healthier life. Let's rewrite your future stories together.

Red Ink Revival

empowers a soul-level approach to

mental health and human flourishing

through our online

coaching, courses, and community experiences!


  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Depression/Grief
  • Anger/Rage
  • Shame/Self-Hatred
  • Hopelessness/Disappointment
  • Reactivity/Explosiveness
  • Compulsions/Addictions


  • Rejection/Betrayal 
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Relational Disillusionment
  • Sexual Boredom/Disappointment
  • Loneliness & Rejection
  • Church Wounds/Disappointments
  • Managing Power Dynamics


  • Including Unwanted Behaviors
  • Unsure of God's Attitude
  • Feeling Distance from God's Presence
  • Purposelessness In Life
  • After Dreams Have Failed You
  • Unclear of God's Will For Life
  • Overall Spiritual Boredom


why you feel, think, and do what you do... and achieve the transformation you desire!


your purpose, live with meaning, find direction, and love life!


goals, boost productivity, metabolize setbacks, and laugh more!


psychological barriers, gain clarity, awaken passion, and find peaceful execution!

We approach


through the following disciplines:  



Throughout history, theology was highly regarded as the 
"queen of the sciences,"
even providing distinctive perspectives on mental health and human flourishing. Universities initially aimed to integrate different fields under theological insights. Today, many crown physicalism and naturalism the king in scientific discussions, diminishing Scripture as merely mystical and outdated.
Red Ink Revival seeks to  harmonizing all knowledge under the enduring truths of Scripture. We also endeavor to engage the Holy Spirit, as a Divine Helper, who guides us into personal and individual freedom.
This is "Scriptural Psychology."



The Bible reveals the inner self
– the immaterial spirit and soul –
as the source of flourishing. Psychologically, the spirit/soul originates all our mental, emotional, social, sensory, and volitional abilities.
The physical brain/body presents these immaterial faculties through neurobiological functions (neurons, axons, synapses, neurotransmitters, etc.). Secular psychological therapies have evident positive effects and deserve esteem (valued, studied, and practiced). However, transformational depth (in the spirit/soul) and true efficacy require supernatural encounters with Jesus Christ, which is our highest esteem.
This too is "Scriptural Psychology."



Discover the fascinating relationship between the immaterial spirit/soul and the material brain/body, known as "holistic dualism" in philosophy. While neuroscience explains the brain/body, it also can give tangible representations of the state of the spirit/soul.
For human flourishing it is crucial to acknowledge the spirit/soul's role in empowering the body with these animating capacities.
Secular therapies (like EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and Neurofeedback) can offer tangible and evident benefits on the soul’s recovery. However, while Christians should value secular therapies, they should ground themselves with the more qualitative understandings of the Biblical spirit/soul.



Our personalities are profoundly influenced, both positively and negatively, by relationships and life experiences. This includes "soul vexing" from the following: 
1) The original sin committed by Adam, affecting all subsequent generations.
2) Our own sins and the resulting damage to our souls.
3) The sins inflicted upon us by others.
4) The painful losses and tragedies experienced in a sin-infused world. 
To revive and restore our souls, we must first foster healthy relationships with God, then ourselves, and then others. This is what Red Ink Revival is on mission to support you with!


Ph.D., Psychologist, Author, Founder of Life Clinics, and President of Elim Bible College

As both a pastor and ministry clinician, Patrick has a deep burden for those who struggle in life and wonder why. He has been gifted to be able to provide both compassionate and loving pastoral ministry as well as talented psychotherapeutic help to so many of the strugglers in the Body of Christ all from a clinical/Christian prospective. Patrick’s impeccable integrity and character is a monument to the testimony of the person God has created him to be. I’ve become richer as a person and have benefited greatly from the life-giving message the Lord has given Patrick and the friendship we’ve shared throughout the years. 


Lakewood Church’s Champions Network of Pastors / International Speaker and Author

Our culture rewards driven leaders without caring what’s driving them. When that drive comes from a dark place, horrific things happen. To them, their family, and everyone under the influence of their leadership. Can this trend of self-destruction be avoided? One conversation with Patrick Norris will make you an optimist. By focusing on the neuroscience around human behavior; particularly the myriads of destructive addictions, and becoming a guide to whole-heart leadership, you’ll be energized by the value-driven map Patrick has passionately developed for leaders in all spheres of influence! 


Founding Pastor of Faith Family Church & Author

I’ve known Patrick for several decades now. I’m always amazed at the insight that he has in areas dealing with leadership on multiple levels. I recommend Patrick and the tools you will find on this site. 


Founding Pastor of Valley Family Church & Host of The Basics With Beth TV Show

Patrick Norris has been our friend for over 30 years and has served on our Board for 28 years. He has always been a man of utmost integrity, with impeccable character and a rock solid foundation based in God’s Word. God has given him an unparalleled teaching gift to explain complex subjects in simple terms. We highly recommend Patrick Norris and His ministry! 


House of Resurrection Recovery Center & International Speaker and Author

Patrick Norris is one those brilliant minds in the church world that has been instrumental in helping thousands find a better way to live out a life of authentic faith. When you blend that with his gentle humility, you have a man you can trust with your soul. Secure every resource you can that he has! 



RED INK REVIVAL PODCAST equips you to be the leader, helper, and impact-maker that you want to be. We empower listeners through an ecosystem of topics dedicated to bring a revival down to the core personality in the heart and soul.

Effective living and leadership requires more than clarifying vision, establishing organizational/home beliefs, developing formal governance, implementing leadership layers, creating scalable systems, and executing strategies. Individual life and leadership begins and ends with the individual heart-health, emotional attunement and self-differentiation of the teammates.

Whole-hearted living is about leading from robust health. We curate resources inspiring spiritual vitality, integrity and emotional intelligence for every role a person must tend to, personally and professionally.

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